Put down your phone for a second.
Drop the duck lips. Lose the downward angle and therefore the Snap chat cat ears.
If you do not know what I’m talking about, it’s probably because you are not a 18-year-old girl. and that is okay.
But it doesn’t suggest you haven’t taken a selfie..
A study from late 2016 “predicts the typical millennial will spend about an hour every week [and] take up to 25,700 selfies in their lifetime.”
As of February 2017, 80% of adults aged 18 – 55 have taken a selfie.
2014 was the “Year of the Selfie.” But that does not mean we’re doing it any less or that it’s any less of a cultural institution.
So let’s start taking advantage of this phenomenon for your business. this text will walk you thru the way to  run a selfie contest online.

I’ll cover…
* An introduction to selfie and photo contests, and why you would possibly want to run one
* Creating a selfie contest with the simplest chance to travel viral on social media
* Maximizing the spread of your selfie contest through share incentives and optimization tools
* Increasing the speed at which your selfie contest entrants become customers (so we will actually generate some real-world dollars)

An introduction to selfie and photo contests

So we all know that folks  take selfies, and that is all well and good. except for our social media strategy we would like to understand if people are sharing the selfies they’re taking. Our selfie contest isn’t getting to be a hit if people simply take a selfie, we would like people to require their selfies to be seen.
Luckily for us, Instagram tracks the amount of times someone uses a hashtag…

almost 300 million posts using the hashtag #selfie. Almost 18 million using #selfies and quite 9 million just on Sunday. And this is often only including the people that used that hashtag once they uploaded their selfie.

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